Good Quality NJP-260 Closed Hollow Gel Liquid Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: NOAH
Condition: New
Dimension(L*W*H): 1200*1000*2000KG
Weight (KG): 1250 kg
Capacity (Capsule/min): 250 – 260
Filling Accuracy(%): 99 %


Good Quality NJP-260 Closed Hollow Gel Liquid Hard Capsule Filling Machine

Items NJP-260 Closed Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Weight 900kg
Overall size 1020×860×1970mm
Motor power 5.75kw
Power AC 220V/380V; 50Hz/60Hz
Three-phase four-wire AC 380V;50Hz
Max Capacity 260pcs/minute
Capsule size 00#~5#
Supro/safefy capsule size:A~E
Load difference ≥99.5%
Noise ≤75dBA
Filling amount difference Liquid: above 300mg ≤ ±3%
Compressed air 0.06m3/min 0.3Mpa
Water source requirement The water recycle vacuum pump is equipped with a water tank for recycle using, and can also be connected to an external water
Vacuum degree -0.02~-0.06 MPa
Water flow 250L/h
Inlet pipe inner diameter 20mm
Drain pipe inner diameter 27mm
Working temperature 21℃±3℃
Working plant height requirement Manual materials load ≥2.6m,
Automatic materials vacuum convey≥2.8m
Working environment relative humidity 40~55%
Exhaust volume 300m3/h
Control System Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, PLC control

Pharmaceutical, medicine, and chemicals (powder, Pellet, granule, pill,liquid),also can be used to fill vitamin, foodstuff and animal drug, etc.

1. Touching-Screen, PLC program control panel with LCD.
2. Capsule vacuum positioned mechanism to make the capsule qualified over 99%.
3. Easy speed selection and closed capsule length adjustment.
4. Electrical Appliance control system approved to CE, and international standard.
5. Quick and accurate change part set-up, easy to remove rotary table and ring carrier assembly.
6. Fully enclosed dosing stations and rotating table for integration of the whole capsule filling plants.
7. Large cam mechanism keeps the rotating table of mould together with the whole equipment running with balance, and completely guarantees the machine operating with highest precision and accuracy.




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